MP3 Device


I’m here to share a 3D render I made in Blender (didn’t mean to rhyme). I plan to post a follow up on the process but I was so excited that this was completed, I had to post it. This was done in Blender Software with the Cycles Render.

I also was in a hurry that I didn’t look more into changing the material of the device itself. The front is a touch screen interface but you can’t tell because its black all around. I picked the movie poster of Pineapple Express because I thought it was funny. Seems fitting too.

When I come back to this project I’ll make sure the materials will be contrasted. Because I wanted to make a simple interface I thought of a mp3 player. However I might turn this into a phone and design an interface for that as well. Feeling inspired after looking at some of the awesome projects on


Matte Painting/Composite


I tried to brush up on my matte painting/compositing. I just googled some simple landscape images and tried to blend them as one. I also wanted/needed to work on my colour correction because the images used are not at the same time of day. I added an air plane just for kicks. The clouds was a bit tricky in trying to match it with the foreground…what do you think?

It was fun creating and didn’t take too long.




First let me say that this post is another short story (I guess one would call it that) post. I made several in the weeks past but could not complete them. Anyway this falls on the cheesy side but felt the need to write this through. Enjoy.

I was talking to Troy when I looked up and saw her. She was 5’9, shoulder length hair. Narrow chin and fair cheek bones. Lips plump with a rosy pink colour, her nose thin. Hazel eyes bright like the sun that demanded attention under her arced eyebrows. Skin flawless beyond belief. Her greeting smile almost made me submissive to her command. I couldn’t comprehend that this woman had a grip with such beauty. I lost everything and found a new at the exact same time. Troy finally noticed that I had stopped speaking and looked at what captivated me. If he spoke it feel on my temporary deaf ears.

She said hello at friends she knew, gave the usual greetings then stood by a wall close to the window with two of her friends. To me, the new art studio party for Victoria was good so far but now I was going to make this the best studio party of my life. I stood up, turned to Troy and said “there she is, there is the love of my life.”

Blender Software


I thought I’d share my recent exploration with Blender. Blender is a  free and open-source 3D computer graphics software for those who may be curious. I am coming off using 3Ds Max so there is obviously a learning curve in the interface and the details of how things work but looking at tutorials from CG Cookie and Blender Guru (Andrew Price) its making the transition easier.

Anyways, I rendered a pink box just to be able to say I rendered something. Nothing that exciting (in fact there is a lot of noise) but still something worth sharing. Other than that…




I was about to grab some beer from the fridge when my phone rang. It was Grace. She was calling for the 6th time today and I was not in the mode to talk to her. Not now. Not when I was ready to relax and wind down the day. I popped open the beer, sat down and turned on the tv. If she called, I’ll answer but I didn’t want to talk about what my options are. Or how I have to think of strategy plan that will get me into a financial gold-mine. Grace was a good friend but she thought that every “opportunity” was a good one. The amount of hours spent in trying to tell her why the small business is a pyramid scheme. Or how it isn’t wise to give $200 to a stranger so they can get $2 million dollars out of their bank account and in return will give you $1 million for your help. The list goes on. So when she told me about how it was a great time to buy stocks from the Orange Farmers Company, I brushed it off. The Orange Farmers Company is a mediocre orange juice company that struggled to stand in the lights of Tropicana, Florida’s Naturals and Simply Orange. Orange Farmers Company released a press statement stating THIS TIME, they were to achieve the billions of dollars they estimated and stand with the giant three. That “investing now will help you, the investor, in the long run”. You would have brushed them too. But when the re-branding of their orange juice was put on shelves combined with the new taste, they were selling out in hours. Their stocks rose enormously and the company was taken seriously. Grace became a millionaire. And I, well, I ignored Grace because i know if I hear an “opportunity” from her I won’t know if its the wrong one.


Happy New Year…17 days later.

Hola. So a lot has happened. I moved into a space of my own which is a good way to start 2014. Because of that I haven’t had time to blog, create my website (had another name change, but I’m SURE this is the one) etc, etc. The pass month has made be so busy that it feels like 3 months has passed.

During the busy storm I had still made some time to reflect. One of the reflections I had was to use this blog as an outlet for my story telling. So get ready. To give you an idea I’ll say that I love horror movies, read suspense books and like a story that teaches a lesson.


PS: It sucks to hear that The Division hasn’t been developed (just the game engine is ready) but I’m glad Ubisoft is not rushing the game. I just really want it. And how awesome is it to hear the makers of Left 4 Dead is making another game called Evolve! So excited!